Do Mannas supplements contain high iodine levels?


Iodine is a mineral that is essential for thyroid health as well as brain development during pregnancy. Seaweed and kelp foods are known to contain high levels of iodine. However, like most nutrients, iodine overload can also be harmful to the body.

According to the Chinese Nutrition Society and the World Health Organization, the recommended intake of iodine in adults is 150 mcg/day, and 220 mcg/day for pregnant women.


How much iodine is in Mannas™ products?


Amount of Iodine per Serving

% Daily Value

Mannas All

5.04 mcg (per 1.4g)

3.3 %

Mannas Well

1.25 mcg (per 10 drops)

0.8 %


Mannas All and Mannas Well contain specifically purified compounds of brown kelp extract, and iodine as well as impurities such as heavy metals have been removed from the products.

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If you follow the recommended serving size, you do not need to worry about taking too much iodine.

To take the recommended daily dose of iodine, some good sources of iodine are fish, seafood and dairy products.