The Ultimate Formula

Sea Polyphenols (MOP™)

A newly discovered natural substance that effectively activates cell metabolism to lower stubborn fats, glucose and cholesterol levels in the body without side-effects.

Sea polyphenols provide natural weight control, safe and effective diabetes care, and ideal management of most inflammatory symptoms. Since 1998, scientists at global research institutes have proven the diverse bioactivities of this miraculous material.

Mannas All and Mannas Well are made of pure sea polyphenols, providing the most effective formula for better health without including any other ingredients.

High grade polyphenols

These unique bioactive compounds were purified for human consumption using proprietary technology that targets specific beneficial compounds. Because of this technology, Mannas has the highest standards of quality and purity among brown kelp supplements and Ecklonia cava supplements.

Proven through research

4 human trials have shown that Mannas can reduce postprandial blood sugar spikes, as well as LDL cholesterol ('bad cholesterol') and body fat. No side effects were reported in all 4 studies. Mannas offers safe and effective diabetes and weight loss supplement.

The ultimate formula

For 18 years, industry-leading scientists have refined brown kelp formulas for metabolic impact. Today's golden formula, MOP™, works quickly in the body to kick-start healthy metabolic functions.